Contact us at to discuss the best gear (wingsuit/canopy/container/pilot chute/etc.) for you and your level of flying, we will be happy to help!

We offer a number of online performance coaching packages, see for more details.


FlySight is a GPS logger most often used in wingsuit performance competitions. It can be purchased directly from its genius creator Michael Cooper on the website:

No, the wind data is taken from the GFS forecast issued by NOAA. The system finds the most recent forecast for the time and location of the jump and subtracts the wind from the horizontal speed measured by GPS. Vertical speed and recorded altitude remain unaffected (correction for air density is planned to be implemented at a later date).

Yes! FlySight stores data on a microSD card. Use On-The-Go (OTG) USB cable to connect FlySight (mini-USB port) to your OTG supported mobile device. This allows uploading tracks directly from your phone (why hasn’t everyone been doing that?). You’ll need OTG cable like this one:


Wingsuit World is a not-for-Profit organization created by a group of skydivers who are passionate about wingsuit performance competitions. Our goal is to help wingsuit pilots quickly improve their skill level through analyzing wind-cancelled tracks and participating in global online competitions.


Go to the current/last competition page and login on the “Competitor Profile” tab using the registration password from the last online competition you participated in.

Absolutely, just make sure to list all dropzones where you might be jumping during registration, and we will make sure to add all locations.

Yes, a reduced registration fee is available for just the Flare Contest:

Yes! We have a number of special offers:

  1. If you organize a performance camp/mini-competition for beginner/intermediate wingsuit pilots who will be doing performance competitions for the first time, contact us for free registrations, we are more than happy to support new pilots.
  2. Refer a pilot who never competed in online competitions before and get 50% off your next registration (have the referred put your name in the comment section during registration)
  3. Inquire about a Season Pass for all competitions of 2019 via email:

For several reasons: 1) Each online competition requires a lot of time to setup and support. This directly depends on the number of registered competitors.  2) Paying a small fee is likely to increase the chance the registered participants actually take part in the competition. 3) Cash will be used towards the prizes in each competition and to the overall winners at the end of the season. 4) Technical support of the project costs money (hosting, domain, data storage, etc.)