Remote wingsuit performance coaching is offered by our own Alexey Galda, former US National Champion, Gold medalist of the 3rd FAI World Cup of Wingsuit Flying (team rankings, 2019), Silver medalist of the 2nd FAI World Cup of Wingsuit Flying (individual rankings, 2017). To book one of the following performance coaching packages or submit a custom training request, please use THIS FORM or contact us at

Option 1

  1. Detailed analysis of 3 tracks (Distance, Speed, Time): analyzing every part of the jump, discussing strategic mistakes and their possible causes, explaining the optimal flight strategy and what to aim for at different parts of the performance run.
  2. FlySight help: recommending what audible feedback to use, how to setup and adjust FlySight tones and altitude alarms, answering any question regarding FlySight configuration.
  3. Price: $100

Option 2

  1. Everything included in Option 1.
  2. Using proprietary optimization code, calculating best achievable results based on your individual flight characteristics (using the 3 tracks provided for analysis)
  3. Generating "perfect performance" GPS tracks (for each task) for you to compare your tracks to and aim for.
  4. Producing FlySight config files to help you achieve that ideal result.
  5. Price: $200

Option 3

  1. Everything included in Option 2, done three separate times upon request.
    Repeat analysis is necessary when you change wingsuit or feel that you have improved since the last time "perfect track" simulations were performed. Your ideal tracks and best possible results for every performance task will be recalculated based on the most recent tracks.
  2. Price: $300

Alexey's achievements in wingsuit performance competitions: