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Wingsuit World is a series of online wingsuit performance competitions as a part of a regular wingsuit league. Each individual competition has a small registration fee ($20, see FAQs) and prizes for top finishers in each suit class (e.g., Advanced/Intermediate). Results of each competition will be used to award competition points based on the ranking and number of competitors. Points will be designed to slowly decay over time, keeping the season rankings contemporary and competitive (more info on the points will be posted later).

Winners of the 2018 season will be determined based on the total number of competition points, with big prizes awarded in a number of categories.

Registration for the 2nd Global Online Competitions is now OPEN!


* Use OTG cable to connect your Android device (micro-USB) to FlySight (mini-USB), like this one: http://www.amzn.com/B018M8YNDG 
Unfortunately, iPhone does not support OTG connection to FlySight.



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