Special offers for 2019

  1. If you organize a performance camp/mini-competition for beginner/intermediate wingsuit pilots who will be doing performance competitions for the first time, contact us for free registrations, we are more than happy to support new pilots.
  2. Refer a pilot who never competed in online competitions before and get 50% off your next registration (have the referred put your name in the comment section during registration)
  3. Inquire about a Season Pass for all competitions of 2019 via email: team@wingsuit.world

Off-season Training

Register to continue using wind-cancellation and your logbook in mid-season.
Improve your performance by training in the most efficient way and always know your true Distance and Speed results.

Training Period: September 24, 2018 - January 31, 2019

Email us to request access to the off-season training tool: team@wingsuit.world